New music, November 2, 2011 edition

Music is my life. Well, then again, not really – there’s friends, family, pets, computers and running.  But music is way up there.  And lately I’ve got a few things I’m newly into.  Here’s a short rundown – in no particular order. Every link is to a song that I think is worth listening to.

  • Male Bonding – I just posted the youtube clip of their incredible track – Bones – from their most recent album. I was on a training run about two weeks ago listening to their new album for the first time when I first heard it and it’s one of those incredible experiences when you first hear a song and it just stuns you. Previously I’d seen their video for Year’s Not Long, which I guess would probably be called gay-positive in the sense that it winds up with all the guys in the video making out with each other.  But Bones – *6 minutes* of pretty serious (if poppy) thrashing. There’s not a lot of complexity to these cats and you’ll probably immediately know you love them or they’ll bore you to tears.  I saw them play at Chop Suey as part of City Arts Fest and they were great, but it was a little strange to see a show so poorly attended (I’d say there were 50-100 people there and we basically all fit on the main floor).
  • Jay Reatard – died ahead of his time.  He looks and acts like a reject from the carny and the “pool-party-gone-wrong” theme of It Ain’t Gonna Save Me are an inspiring testament to someone I wish I’d gotten to see live.
  • Frank Turner – speaking of testaments – Eulogy is easily the most perfect <1 minute song I’ve ever heard (I was never a big D Boon fan). I saw him at Neumos and then, like in the linked clip, they led into “Try This at Home” which has some of the most perfect sing-along choruses I’ve heard in years. By the end of the show, he insisted on and succeeded in getting every member of the audience to sing along to Photosynthesis – and it was magic.
  • Carissa’s Wierd – It’s hard to know what to say about this band. Listen to Heather Rhodes and lines like “saw someone today who looked exactly like you – it’s funny how the years go by” or One Night Stand and “please don’t ask me what my thoughts are cause I don’t care about yours” and you’ll find tragic desperation that is just destined to be the soundtrack for sad memories and for the discount bins. Which is really unfortunate because they made incredible music and S still is.
  • Pajo – Keeping that thread going, David Pajo played guitar for Slint and apparently he’s still making music but as far as I can tell pretty much flying beneath the radar of everyone.  At least I just found a copy of “1968” used at Sonic Boom in Ballard and it had been getting marked down for the past 3 years.  When I listen to his cover of Where Eagles Dare or basically anything from 1968, I think “this must be what people got out of Elliot Smith.”
  • The Gglitch – this is hard to write about because this is the band that my excellent and incredibly talented cousin was in before he died of cancer. I just visited with his brother and he travelled a little this summer and was pursuing an excellent effort to try to get their last album into some public libraries. Anyway, my cousin’s keyboards on the lead track from their last album (which is Angeldust if you have Spotify) shows their amazing range. I don’t even know what style to call it, but I know that I love good, passionate music and that beyond missing my cousin – I believe this is it.
  • Jay-Z and Kanye – somewhere this post turned very melancholy and I want to turn it to an uplifting note and that comes from the Frank Ocean cut off Watch the Throne – Made in America. I could listen to the layers they put down on this over and over – and have. And I can do all that and look past the Big Ghost Chronicles review which trashes this track pretty hard because even Big Ghost has to eventually concede that “its still a pretty tight project son”

Give me some advice on what to listen to next!

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